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This set contains 50 Picture Cards packs .  These packs can stand alone or can be as supporting activities with the books and can also be used as sequencing extensions for the books in classroom set 2. These are apart of the a,b,c concept program. Each pack can stand completely alone and a duel purpose and can be used with the books. Savings $100

*This Set contains  Level 2 Sentences

This is  excellent asset for any classroom that offers a variety pack to keep readers busy for a long time.  

*Level 1 is the beginner level with easy sentences to match with their pictures.

*Level 2 is a little more challenging when the child is ready for the next step, the sentences have a sequential element.

This set contains 50 Picture Card Packs. Each of these packs can stand alone and includes packs Pink C&D,Blue E,F,G,H, Green E,F,G,H

Each pack can stand completely alone however these sentences have a duel purpose and can be used with the books. 

Great Classroom Set - It contains -10 different Pink , 20 different Blue & 20 different Phonogram/digraphs (Level 2)

Total Set Contains: 250 Individual Picture Cards with 250 Matching Sentences.