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This Premium class pack is perfect for setting up your classroom. It has so many activities it will keep the children in your classroom busy for hours and hours and hours.

This Premium pack includes: 2d/3d matching Cards (set 3&4), song cards (set 1), vocab box 1,ABC animal pack, ABC common Obj pack, alphabet matching cards (set 1&2),farm kit, beginning sounds, vowel pack, forming word cards, pink word card with obj, pink word cards with pictures, pink sentences with obj, pink sentences with picture cards, blue word card with obj, blue word cards with pictures, blue sentences with obj, blue sentences with picture cards, sight word cards, Green word cards with pictures, green sentences with pictures, 10 Level 1 ABC reading packs, 20  Level 2 ABC reading packs, 20 level 3 ABC reading packs, life cycle puzzle set. Plus a random mystery bonus item.

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